Why Control Guns?

The mass murder in Aurora, Colorado has prompted another round of gun control debates.  It’s so typical of our society and our politicians.  But why isn’t anyone talking about why some liberals get so outraged about such shootings in the first place?  It was an evil act, but for some liberals I ran into during the last legislative session, their worldview doesn’t support that conclusion.

You may be thinking, “Fowler, you’re crazy! Everyone in their right mind knows that was just pure evil. What in the world do you mean?”

Well, I couldn’t help but think about the furor caused in the last legislative session over the bill that allowed teachers to help students think critically about the evidence for Neo-Darwinism. These liberals were shocked and appalled that anyone would question whether the evidence conclusively establishes the theory that unguided natural selection can explain all the complexity we observe in the world.

And why would that cause them to go apoplectic?  Because at the heart of their theory is a belief that everything is explainable by natural causes – a relentless chain of cause and effect.  That’s fine; believe that if you want.

But my guess is that a large number of those same people were willing to condemn the gunman in Aurora.  And it’s to those liberals I say, “How can you do that?”

In their worldview, everything is natural to the human person; after all they are the ones who say there is nothing beyond nature, nothing supernatural. So how can they condemn a person who only did what came natural to him?  Wasn’t he was just responding to stimuli in his life that made him do what he did?

If they want to teach our kids this kind of philosophy in high school, then let’s teach them all of it.  If we’re going to ground the way we look at the scientific data in philosophical naturalism, then let’s teach them what naturalism means for the rest of life, too.

Doing so means that adherents to their worldview need to get off their moral high horse and not condemn what took place in Aurora.  Let them forthrightly and courageously acknowledge to our kids that it was just a natural consequence of an inevitable chain of cause and effect and, therefore, we can’t make any moral judgments about the shooting. It just is what it is.

I mentioned this to a reporter recently who was asking me what I thought about the atheist group that is going to start lobbying at the State Capitol.  How, I asked, can they say that some policy on the Hill is right or wrong any more than they can say what happened in Aurora is right or wrong?  A policy just is, unless there exists some moral absolutes and a God whose nature and character defines them.

Not surprisingly, liberals don’t want to talk about that.

Take just two minutes to listen to the video of the week.  You’ll hear how Darwinism worked itself out in this scientist’s life.