When Perfect Isn’t Good Enough

The issue of homosexual intolerance for anything other than wholehearted allegiance to the homosexual agenda isn’t just a problem issue for big businesses. It is becoming every person’s issue. In time it will become your issue.

The recent outcry by national homosexual rights organizations about House Bill 600 was very instructive, as reflected in our video about the “Big Boys” of business and industry. But that outcry, along with other recent events, has a lesson that the “little guy” needs to understand too.

House Bill 600 prevented local governments from circumventing the state’s anti-discrimination law in mandating onto private businesses new “protected classes” with legal remedies above and beyond those of employees not falling within a “protected class.” Because the Bill, in part, prevented one small part of the homosexual rights agenda from being advanced in Tennessee, national homosexual rights groups went ballistic when they realized the Bill was sitting on the Governor’s desk awaiting his action.

Bullying Businesses

One of the business organizations that eventually supported the Bill was the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce & Industry. And when the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce realized that several national companies had employees on the Tennessee Chamber’s Board, they went on the attack. They essentially threatened these companies with economic repercussions if they did not demand that the Governor veto the bill. And they started fussing to these companies that if they were truly gay-friendly, they would not have allowed their employee on the Chamber board to vote in favor of supporting HB 600.

On Friday these threats began in earnest and by the end of the following Monday the Tennessee Chamber had reversed itself, going on record as opposing the bill.

But in other related news, national homosexual rights organizations are now complaining about the business practices of Orbitz, the Internet travel site. Now, what could they possibly have to complain about since Orbitz has a 100% rating from homosexual organizations because of its support of homosexuality and gender identity in the workplace?

Well, you see, Orbitz, wants to attract customers, so it places advertising on Fox News shows like those hosted by former president candidate Mike Huckabee. And for these national organizations that is a big no-no. You see, according to them Orbitz isn’t trying to solicit customers. Oh no. By giving some of its advertising dollars to Fox News, Orbitz is supporting “haters” and “homophobes.” And so they demand that Orbitz stop its advertising. Perfect is not enough anymore.

But Wait, You’re Next

But the issue of homosexual intolerance for anything other than wholehearted allegiance to the homosexual agenda (sounds a bit like idolatry, huh?) isn’t just a problem issue for big businesses. It is becoming every person’s issue. In time it will become your issue.

For example, when former Olympic Gold Medalist Peter Vidmar was recently picked to be on the U.S Olympic Committee, that too was a big no-no. Mr. Vidmar’s sin? He’d contributed money in support of the pro-traditional marriage ballot initiative in California knows as Proposition 8. Eight days after his appointment, the harassment of the other Committee members for naming a “gay hater” to the Committee was so great that Mr. Vidmar felt it best to resign.

But this kind of individual harassment isn’t just happening somewhere else, my fellow Tennesseans. These intolerant organizations also started searching the Proposition 8 contribution filings for Tennesseans employed by the big national companies with offices in Tennessee. Now why would they do that unless it was ultimately to threaten these companies if they don’t fire these employees? You see, to their way of thinking, if an employer even employs someone who doesn’t show total allegiance to the homosexual agenda, then you, Mr. Employer, are supporting hate and you must be punished.

So here’s the point. This isn’t just something directed at “big business.” Soon you, as an individual business owner, and you, as an individual working person, are not going to be allowed to have any opinion other than one that is approving of homosexual conduct, at least not without having to suffer something for the sake of holding that opinion.

Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

That may scare some folks. Scare them into being even more silent than they are now on this issue. And for sure it will scare a lot of preachers (not all thankfully) who are already too scared to talk about the subject, even to what should be a friendly audience—their own church.

But here’s the lesson for us “little people” out there: Speak now or forever hold your peace.

But if you pick the latter option of silence, let me caution you not to presume that someday you won’t be forced to speak—to make clear your position on homosexuality and gender identity. And then the question will be, “What will you say?” Will you say what you believe or say what someone wants to hear?

The coming storm kind of reminds me a bit of a comment by Benjamin Franklin in the context of standing up to the British, “We can all hang together, or we will surely all hang separately.”

We’re going to hang in there. I hope you’ll decide to join us. We hope you’ll help us find other people to join us. People, even a small number, really committed to something they believe in—like the freedom of an average citizen to express his or her opinion in the public square without fear of being harassed to the point of being fired—can change things. If you don’t believe it, just ask any active homosexual rights advocate and they can tell you.