Note: This Voter Guide is from the 2010 elections and will be updated later this year for the August 2012 Primary and November 2012 General Election.

Tennessee FACT Voter Guide

Holding public office in Tennessee is not only a privilege but also a great responsibility. It is a great responsibility because it is a position of trust between officeholder and the people they represent. And because elected office is a position of trust, it is important that voters cast informed votes.

Family Action Council of Tennessee has partnered with CitizenLink to provide an impartial and nonpartisan voter guide to Tennessee races for state and federal office. Study each Tennessee candidate’s voter survey results individually or in a side-by-side comparison.

Dig deeper with the complete listing of voter guide questions along with background information  on the questions asked Tennessee Governor Candidates and Tennessee State Legislature Candidates  in the Voter Guide.

Note: Churches interested in using the Voter Guide should know that the Family Action Council of Tennessee has obtained a legal opinion by one of the leading law firms in the country relative to compliance by charitable organizations with the Internal Revenue Code. Download a copy of the legal opinion letter to FACT advising us that the voter guide is consistent with the law governing corporations organized under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, of which the Family Action Council is one.