Video: ‘When Did You Become You?’

This new pro-life video, developed by supporters of Amendment 1, delivers a compelling message about the beginning of life by asking the question: “When did you become you?” Take a moment to watch this video then forward it to friends and neighbors.

The “Yes on 1” campaign is a statewide organization with the mission to encourage voters to pass Amendment 1, making the state’s constitution neutral on abortion.  Currently Tennessee’s state constitution provides the strongest protection for abortion in the nation, leaving the state without an abortion-specific informed consent law or a waiting period law requiring time for reflection between information being provided to the woman and the procedure.  As a consequence, Tennessee has become an “abortion destination” with more than 23% of all procedures performed on out-of-state patients.”  See FACT’s webpage on Amendment 1.

Passing Amendment 1 would permit lawmakers to enact common sense regulations to protect the unborn, improve women’s health and safety and regulate abortion facilities.  Click here to learn how you can support “Yes on 1.”

Protect life in Tennessee. We urge you to vote “Yes on Amendment 1” in November.