Two Americas on Memorial Day

This Memorial Day, President Obama’s absence in Arlington Cemetery has evoked an insightful observation that is too good not to share.

Sometimes other people say things so well and put things in such perspective that it is best just to share it. So, with no further ado, let me encourage you to read these thoughts on how the President’s celebration of Memorial Day reflects two Americas.

This year President Obama will take in a Memorial Day service at a national cemetery where he and his family will be vacationing, rather than participate in the ceremonial laying of a wreath at the tomb of The Unknown Soldier in Arlington Cemetery. His absence in Arlington has evoked lots of comments, but the insightful observation of William R. Forstchen, Professor of History at Montreat College, is too good not to share. We all would do well to pay heed and spend some time in reflection on Monday about the significance of the day.