The Wrong Cure for Sexual Violence on Campuses

With news that “Sex Week” at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville will return this year, stopping acts of rape and violence won’t be addressed by promoting unbounded promiscuity.

Commentator Kathleen Parker once wrote in a column her thoughts on controversial new research regarding rape:

“For the past couple of decades, we’ve been taught that rape is an act of violence, the ultimate expression of male power (usually) over female fragility.

“Now, new controversial research posits another view–that rape is a biological, evolved sexual behavior, perhaps expressed and supported through violence, but not only a violent act.”

Whether rape is an act of violence or a violent non-consensual sexual act is for theorists to explore, but whatever you call it, it is wrong. But at the University of Tennessee it seems that the cure for “sexual violence” on campus is to promote more sex and in every way possible through a disgusting array of programs comprising Sex Week.

If ever there were a rationalization for promoting unbounded promiscuity, this is it.  If what the students want to stop are acts of violence, then promoting more sex isn’t addressing the issue of violence.  If what the students want to stop is sexual violence, then it seems that trivializing the sexual act and encouraging an ethos of no-boundaries sexuality encourages a thirst for sex that some will even use violence to quench.  Either way, Sex Week at the University of Tennessee is not truly an educational event targeted at a very real problem.