The Sex Connection

If you’re ready to connect some dots that liberals refuse to connect, then keep reading.  A study by a University of Iowa researcher, Anthony Paik, published in the Journal of Marriage and Family (April 2011) is just one more piece of evidence that you can’t divorce social policy and fiscal policy.

The study shows that 31 percent of women who had sex for the first time before age 18 divorced within five years, but if they waited until adulthood, the rate dropped to 15%, a drop in the rate of 50%!  And comparing these two groups at 10 years, 47% of the marriages ended in divorce if they engaged in sex before the age of 18. But again, if they waited until adulthood to have sex, then the rated dropped to 27 percent, a drop of 42%!

Here’s the point: the younger you start having sex the more likely your eventual marriage will end in divorce. Now why is this important?  It’s important because the risk of winding up in poverty goes way up when divorce occurs.  And that cost to Tennessee taxpayers in state tax dollars is actually over $700 million annually.

Want to save tax dollars and want to cut down on poverty?  Then lets make sure our school sex ed programs are not promoting, encouraging unmarried sex and just winking at abstinence.