FACT Report: May 20, 2015

Wordviews Matter on Gender (May 20, 2015)

During the oral arguments on same-sex “marriage,” Justice Ginsburg articulated the worldview behind same-sex “marriage” that is fueling the current push for transgendered bathrooms and locker rooms.

Justice Ginsburg said,
“[Proponents of same-sex “marriage”] wouldn’t be asking for this relief if the law of marriage was what it was a millennium ago. There was a change in the institution of marriage to make it egalitarian when it wasn’t egalitarian. And same-sex unions wouldn’t—wouldn’t fit into what marriage was once.”

In other words, to her, changes in equality regarding the roles of men and women in marriage reveal an evolution in our understanding of the sexes that now justifies treating the sexes themselves as interchangeable. But if interchangeable in marriage, then why not in the locker room as well? It’s a real-life lesson in the fact that worldviews matter.

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FACT Report: November 12, 2014

Three Wins in Three Days (November 12, 2014)

Three big wins in three days.

First, the people approved Amendment 1, effectively allowing our state legislature to re-enact common sense abortion regulations struck down by our state Supreme Court decision 14 years ago.

Second, a state Court of Appeals upheld a law that prohibits local governments from requiring private businesses to give special rights to citizens beyond those protected by state law. For example, the law keeps local governments from making private businesses extend special rights based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Third, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Tennessee’s definition of marriage. It was the first federal Court of Appeals win for marriage after four other circuits said the constitution required “gay marriage.”

With three victories in three days, it was almost as if a Triune God was reminding us that He is still on His throne.

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FACT Report: April 30, 2014

Squeezing the Middle Class (April 30, 2014)

With the buying power of the middle class shrinking, each political party blames the other and claims its own economic policies are the solution. But economists say part of the squeeze is coming from skyrocketing food prices caused by natural disasters.

The effect on the economy of things outside man’s control should remind us that God is ultimately in control. In fact, the Bible tells us that God sometimes used nature to express His judgment on unrighteous nations. Of course, not every natural disaster is God’s judgment on a group of people, but for those who take the Bible seriously, can we ignore the possibility in view of our nation’s cultural degeneracy?

Such a thought will make the scientific man of today laugh, as well as many Christians. That’s all right. They probably laughed at Noah, too.

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What My Computer Taught Me About Progressivism

I learned a valuable lesson the other day when I updated the software on my computer. I believe it is a modern-day parable of what is going on in our state and nation, a striking parallel to a situation about which the biblical prophets warned Judah. They didn’t listen. I hope we will.

This week I took an hour away from productive work on my computer to upload the latest operating system, thinking that the extra speed and functionality would be worth the “lost” time. But when I re-launched a video recording program, the program would no longer recognize my internal camera.

After an hour of trying to troubleshoot, I gave up. I’ll now spend an hour or more standing at a help desk trying to get fixed what was not broken when I decided to “upgrade” to the “latest thing.”

And in that moment, I realized that my experience in the technological world is nothing more than what in culture we now call “progressivism.”

The Parallels

Who needs an out-of-date Constitution when judges can “breathe” into it life that it better fits our more modern, progressive, view of man, government, religion, and the world?

Who needs to “restrict” marriage to a relationship between a man and a woman now that we’ve progressed in our understanding that “love” has no “boundaries?”

Why do we need boundaries to “love” when the progress of the “sexual revolution” has taught us that sexual acts are the sum total of what it means to “love”?

Why do we need an understanding of true love or a definition of marriage now that we understand that our existential existence requires us to “actualize” ourselves and to heck with others who just need to actualize themselves?

Why would we think that children need both a mom and a dad now that progressive government can provide agencies to do the job, leaving the sperm and egg donors to pursue their existential self-awareness?

Why do we need to stay committed to the spouse of our youth when there is an upgraded and perhaps surgically enhanced version so readily available?

And in the church, why do “preachers” need to talk about “sin” now that our progressive understanding of the human psyche tells us that there is no true moral guilt before a Holy God, only guilt feelings brought about by the patriarchal, sexually repressed society of the “dark ages?”

And, really, why do we even need to talk about God now that our scientific progress allows us to manipulate practically everything through our own ingenious devices?

The Problem

To these questions, the word of the prophet Jeremiah came to me, and with great alarm, because what the prophet said would happen to Judah did, in fact, happen:

They have lied about the Lord, and said, “He is not; misfortune will not come on us; and we will not see sword or famine” (Jeremiah 5:12 NASB).

They have stumbled from their ways, from the ancient paths, to walk in bypaths, and not on a highway (Jeremiah 18:15 NASB).

These words came to an ancient people and nation that “progressed” beyond the antiquated ways of their forefathers and embraced the ways of the world around them.

Past As Prologue?

I know it’s not very progressive to say this, but our situation in America seems eerily the same. We have progressed beyond the sacred words of those flaming pulpits of the Second Great Awakening that stirred the flame of liberty upon which our nation was forged. We, like Judah, have “stumbled from the ancient paths” upon which our journey to greatness began. We have “lied” to ourselves and said that “misfortune will not come on us.”

Unpleasant thoughts, I know, particularly in a culture that has made pleasure its god. But perhaps we would do well to ponder them, because I can’t help but wonder when all our “progress” comes to an end, if we’ll find that, like my computer with its upgraded software, we just don’t function right any more.

FACT Report: March 26, 2014

Judge Washes Away More Than Marriage (March 26, 2014)

The federal judge in Nashville who ruled in favor of same-sex marriage in Tennessee said there was a rising tide in favor of such marriages, but that tide is going to wash away more than marriage.

If Tennessee is constitutionally required to accept any marriage so long as it is valid in another state, then part of our state’s sovereignty will be “washed away.” Tennesseans will no longer control what marriage means in our state.

But worse yet are the results of a study by Oxford professor J.D. Unwin of 80 primitive tribes and six known civilizations over a 5,000-year period. His uncontroverted research showed that when societies embrace sexual license, they have always fallen and never recovered.

The rising tide for same-sex marriage is washing away state sovereignty and perhaps the very way of life we have enjoyed.

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