Sex Education Reform Bill Signed Into Law

Late yesterday the Governor signed into law Senate Bill 3310/House Bill 3621 regarding sex education in Tennessee’s public schools.

The law in Tennessee is now clear that our schools are to teach students the value of abstinence, provide them medically accurate information about disease and pregnancy prevention, and equip them with the tools and life-skills they need to choose abstinence.  And for the first time, parents will have meaningful avenues of recourse if teachers or outside organizations teach their child a have-sex-but-just-use-a-condom type of sex education.

We extend our thanks to the two sponsors of the legislation who worked so hard to shepherd it through the legislative process, Senator Jack Johnson and Representative Jim Gotto, the members of their staff, members of the Department of Education who provided valuable input on the bill, the legislators who voted for it, and the Governor who signed it into law.

Section 2 of the bill provides an excellent summation of the Family Life Education curriculum that is now required:

‘”Family life education’ means an abstinence-centered sex education program that builds a foundation of knowledge and skills relating to character development, human development, decision-making, abstinence, contraception and disease prevention.”