Senate Passes SB 632; Nears Final Approval

Senate Bill 632/House Bill 600 passed the Senate yesterday afternoon. The final vote tally was 21 to 8. The recorded votes are below.

Actually, the bill has not officially passed yet. The Senate adopted an amendment that instructs a court that, if any part of the law is ruled invalid/unconstitutional, then the rest of the law is to be upheld. That way, if the repeal of Metro Nashville’s ordinance requiring some private businesses to add protections for “gender identity” and “sexual orientation” is ruled unconstitutional, the rest of the law will continue to apply to block any new laws from any other local governments. However, with a strong opinion about 10 days ago from the State Attorney General that the repeal of the Metro ordinance is constitutional, one would think it unlikely that Metro Nashville would spend the money to challenge the constitutionality of the repeal.

The House must now concur in that amendment, probably before the end of next week. Then the bill will be “engrossed” (officially written up with the amendment added in) and sent to the Governor. So we’re about a week away from it actually hitting the Governor’s desk for him to decide to sign, veto, or let become law without his signature.

Ayes:  Mae Beavers, Mike Bell, Tim Barnes, Charlotte Burks, Stacey Campfield, Rusty Crowe, Mike Faulk, Dolores Gresham, Jack Johnson, Brian Kelsey, Bill Ketron, Randy McNally, Mark Norris, Doug Overby, Terry Roberts, Steve Southerland, Jim Summerville, Jim Tracy, Bo Watson, Ken Yager, Ron Ramsey

No:  Andy Berke, Lowe Finney, Ophelia Ford, Thelma Harper, Joe Haynes, Beverly Marrero, Eric Stewart, Reginald Tate

Present and Not Voting: Doug Henry