Thank you for attending the Stand for Truth Seminar in Murfreesboro. We hope you are now better equipped to deal with the issues we discussed. Please feel free to contact us if we can be of any help as you work to transform your community, and Tennessee.

David’s Slideshow Presentations

The Truth About Tennessee (PDF)

► Is It Arrogant? (PDF)

Is It Biblical? (PDF)

Is It Constitutional? (PDF)


Scott Klusendorf – llustrate with Your Two Year Old Klusendorf – Jumping to the EndKlusendorf – Science Can’t Tell You What to DoKlusendorf – Philosophically No Essential DifferenceStephen Swarz’s 4 Differences- SLED Scott Klusendorf – How to Argue in Two Minutes or LessKlusendorf – Second Question in the ToolboxEric Metaxes- What Is the Proper Role for Christians in Politics?Planned Parenthood’s Take Care Down There Ryan T. Anderson: What Is Marriage? ► Ravi Zacharias on Types of Cultures


► Stand for Truth Resources and Recommended Reading (PDF)