Here are some sound ways to respond to arguments like the Hobby Lobby and Conestoga cases that try to take away our religious liberty.


Bosses shouldn’t be able to block access to birth control.

  • This case wasn’t about access to birth control. It was about whether some citizens can be forced to buy abortion-related products for others.
  • The government is the one doing the imposing by mandating that families buy abortion-inducing drugs for other people.

Bosses shouldn’t be involved with women’s healthcare choices.

  • That’s exactly the point. These families business didn’t want to be involved.
  • The government is the only one involving itself in private healthcare choices by forcing 
families to buy their employees early abortion drugs.
  • We agree. The government shouldn’t force a family business to participate in someone 
else’s choice to buy abortion drugs.

One’s boss shouldn’t get to pick and choose what is included
in an employee’s own health plan.

  • The only picking and choosing in these cases was the government picking and choosing whose freedom it would respect and whose religious freedom it would attack.
  • Τhe Obama administration itself did the picking and choosing when it exempted almost 100 million Americans from the mandate. So it is now hypocritical for them to claim the mandate is so absolute that people have to violate their religious beliefs in order to provide free abortion drugs to other people.
  • Government has no business forcing families to pay for someone else’s abortion drugs.

If bosses can decide to ban birth control from their employees’ health plans, what’s next? Will they be allowed to deny coverage for transfusions or HIV medication?

  • The Obama administration has exempted almost 100 million Americans from the mandate. So, it can’t now claim the mandate is so absolute that families must subsidize other people’s abortion drug use even if doing so violates their religious beliefs.
  • Before Obamacare, Americans were free from being forced to participate in other people’s decisions to abort, use abortion drugs, or birth control. That shouldn’t change.
  • Employees are free to choose who they work for, and what benefits an employer chooses to provide is part of that choice. In other words, both employers and employees should have the “freedom of choice.”

Bosses shouldn’t be able to impose their religion on their employees.

  • The government is the only one doing the imposing by forcing families to buy early abortion drugs for other people.
  • Not buying something for someone imposes nothing on that other person, but forcing a family business owner to buy abortion drugs for someone under the threat of massive IRS fines is an unprecedented “imposition” on our constitutionally guaranteed freedom of religion.
  • No one is being required to share their boss’s beliefs about abortion and abortion-related drugs. But with the mandate, their boss is being forced to share the beliefs of his or her employees on these matters.

A business can’t be Christian. It isn’t a person.

  • The Greens and the Hahns are people who happen to run a family businesses and to be Christians.
  • The Constitution protects Americans from the government forcing them to abandon their 
faith in order to earn a living.
  • Americans don’t give up their religious freedom when they decide to run a family business.