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Understanding the Impact of Media on Our Culture

Lance McAlindon

Lance McAlindon

We often take for granted the power of media to shape and influence culture. But the changing standards of acceptability, new technologies, and more permissive governmental and ratings agencies are enabling radical changes in the content and types of media consumed by Americans. In this installment of the FACT Forum, we will look at the power of images, the power of messaging and the way that it impacts and influences behavior among adults as well as children. Whether it is TV, theatrical movies, videos on demand, social media, gaming or music, the future is being shaped now. This session will be both enlightening and inspirational and is one that everyone should attend whether you are a parent, employer, public servant, teacher or simply a curious and caring citizen.

Lance McAlindon is the Chief Research Officer for Front Porch Entertainment, leading the company’s consumer research and grassroots marketing efforts. Lance’s work turns data into insights for the creative team, and his research includes diverse areas such as identifying emerging trends, concept qualification, story development, actor recommendations, trailer optimization and more. Previously, he was provided breakthrough research on consumer habits and attitudes toward television to the Alliance for Family Entertainment on behalf of Procter and Gamble.

For over a decade, Lance has been on the cutting edge of leadership in understanding the intersection of entertainment and culture. He has presented his findings in corporate boardrooms, in Hollywood forums, to non-profit leadership teams as well as small groups of parents and teens. Always provocative, Lance is able to find new insights and connections that leave his audiences with a better understanding of the challenges ahead and inspired to take action.

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The Emotional Effect of Sex on Teen Brain Development

Freda Bush, M.D.

Freda Bush, M.D.

Parents beware: The emotional effect of sex on teen brain development is worse than you imagined. Dr. Freda Bush, co-author of Girls Uncovered: New Research on What America’s Sexual Culture Does to Young Women and HOOKED: New Science on How Casual Sex is Affecting Our Children, will be featured at the next FACT Forum. She will present intervention strategies that can arrest and reverse these harmful effects, which have implications for teens, parents, educators, pastors and other community leaders including legislators and policy makers, counselors in mental health and the juvenile justice system.

Dr. Bush has been involved in women’s health for more than forty years. She is CEO/President of The Medical Institute for Sexual Health and co-authored the two aforementioned books with Joe S. McIlhaney, Jr., M.D. She was a contributing writer to Faith Matters: How African American Faith Communities Can Help Prevent Teen Pregnancy, published by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy.

Dr. Bush served as a Presidential appointee to the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS from 2006-2009. Currently, she is a member of the MS Governor’s Blue Ribbon Task Force on Teen Pregnancy Prevention and serves as Medical Advisory Committee Chair.

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Gangs, Violence, and Hope in Memphis – Delvin Lane and Officer Dustin Stewart

In every election, debate inevitably turns to the need to reduce violence and crime in our communities and which candidate will do a better job. On August 29, join us to hear from two experts who lead this important effort every day, Delvin Lane and Officer Dustin Stewart.

Delvin Lane


Officer Dustin Stewart

Officer Dustin Stewart

Mr. Lane is the Community Violence Prevention Supervisor with the Memphis Youth Gun Violence Reduction Initiative and the 901 B.L.O.C. Squad, a group that complements law enforcement activities to reduce gun violence among young people in Memphis as part of the mayor’s Memphis Gun Down Plan. The group employs social intervention strategies to safeguard at-risk youth from the adverse effects of gun violence, as either the victim or the perpetrator, and seeks to break the cycle of violence after a violent act has been committed.

Officer Stewart has been a patrolman with the Bartlett Police Department since 2007. He has served in the Department’s Crime Suppression Unit for the past two years monitoring gang activities, alerting communities of danger signs, and training law enforcement in understanding gang culture. He is a member of the Tennessee Gang Investigators Association as well as a certified operator of the TBI’s gang database system. He also works closely with the Multi-Agency Gang Unit to provide gang intelligence to them.

Together they will give us an overview of the state of crime and gang activities in the Memphis area, and what is being done to save lives in the communities plagued by violence. More specifically, Officer Stewart will be discussing gang graffiti, identifying gang tattoos, hand signs, and music and why it’s important to law enforcement, as well as the violence associated with gang life.

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Nate Kellum – Center for Religious Expression

Nate Kellem Center for Religious Expression

Nate Kellem

Nate Kellum, founder of the Center for Religious Expression (CRE), will provide us an analysis of the United States Supreme Court’s decision on Proposition 8 (gay marriage) and the federal Defense of Marriage Act and how it will affect marriage and religious liberty in Tennessee.

Before founding CRE, Mr. Kellum, a current resident of Shelby County, served as Senior Counsel and Director for the Alliance Defending Freedom’s Memphis Regional Service Center. Prior to that Mr. Kellum represented Christians in religious liberty cases on behalf of the American Family Association.

The Center for Religious Expression (CRE) is dedicated entirely to the protection of religious speech. It is a distinctly Christian, non-profit organization that strives to provide pro bono and excellent legal services for individuals, businesses, ministries, and churches. Learn more about Mr. Kellem and the Center for Religious expression here.

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Where Families and Crime Intersect

Amy Weirich Shelby County Assistant Attorney General

The Hon. Amy Weirich

District Attorney General Amy Weirich will pull back the curtain of uninformed bliss to help us see how the state of the family and the crimes her office prosecutes intersect. Her remarks will give us the insight and information we need to share with those who want to avoid those controversial and pesky “social issues.”

General Weirich, a native of Shelby County, became District Attorney General in January of 2011. She is Shelby County’s first female District Attorney. Over the past 20 years in the District Attorney’s office, she has served in many leadership roles, including Deputy District Attorney, Chief Prosecutor of the Gang and Narcotics Prosecution Unit, and Division Leader for the Special Prosecution Unit in criminal court.



[fancy_header1]May 30, 2013[/fancy_header1]

Charter Schools, School Vouchers and School Safety

Sen. Dolores R. GreshamEducation Committee, Chairwoman

Sen. Dolores R. Gresham

The 2013 FACT Forum series continues on Thursday, May 30, with Senator Dolores R. Gresham, Chair, Senate Education Committee. Chairwoman Gresham will bring us insights into the disposition of some of the key bills related to education that were brought before the state legislature this year.

We will find out more about the tussle over the opportunity scholarship legislation (vouchers), what transpired on charter school appeals and a state authorizing board, what efforts were made to secure the safety of our schools, the status of common core curriculum standards, and a number of other issues.


[fancy_header1]April 25, 2013[/fancy_header1]

Sex Mis-Education in Schools


Lesley Scearce
On Point

Learn from the leading abstinence education organization in Tennessee and the consultant on Tennessee’s new sex education law the truth behind the buzzwords you hear: “safe sex,” “comprehensive sex education,” and “abstinence only education.” You’ll never look at sex education the same.

On Point is a youth development organization founded in 1991 and based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The organization began as an abstinence-centered program and was founded in response to the alarming number of teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases in the Hamilton County and Northwest Georgia areas.

On Point partners with schools and communities to cultivate the strengths in youth and guide them on their path to thrive. On Point works by providing young people with the knowledge and ongoing support they need to avoid risky behaviors and equips them with the skills they need to thrive.

[fancy_header1]March 28, 2013[/fancy_header1]

The ‘Politics’ Of Islam & The Religious Right: Why Liberals Are Wrong About Both

Dr. Joy Riley of the Tennessee Center for Bioethics & Culture

Bill Warner, Ph.D.

If conservatives have concerns about the spread of Islam in America, liberals think you’re Islamaphobic. Yet liberals fear the “Christian Right.” Know how to distinguish the two for your liberal friends.

Join us on March 28 for the March FACT Forum to hear from Dr. Bill Warner, Ph.D., of the Center for the Study of Political Islam.

Dr. Warner is the founder and director of the Center for the Study of Political Islam (CSPI). He has produced a dozen books, including a Koran, a biography of Mohammed and a summary of the political traditions of Mohammed. He also developed the first self-study course on Political Islam. He has given talks nationally and internationally about Islamic political doctrine. He writes articles and produces news Bulletins that record the suffering caused by Political Islam.”

Learn more about Bill Warner at his website politicalislam.com.

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Legislative Issues Briefing


David Fowler, J.D.

The 2013 FACT Forum series continues on February 28 with a Legislative Issues Briefing from David Fowler, President of the Family Action Council of Tennessee.

David will give you the inside perspective on the issues and legislation that your legislators will be working on during the 2013 session of the General Assembly.

David Fowler is a former Tennessee State Senator, serving for 12 years. the President of the Family Action Council of Tenenssee. For four years he also directed the Center for Law and Government at Bryan College, teaching classes in political philosophy and jurisprudence.

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Happy New Year, Brave New World! – Joy Riley, M.D.

What’s going on in science makes Aldous Huxley’s old sci-fi book, Brave New World,” look more like a read through the Sunday paper. You’ll be amazed to find out what’s going on and what it portends for the human race and human liberty.

Dr. Joy Riley of the Tennessee Center for Bioethics & Culture

Our guest speaker will be Joy Riley, M.D., M.A. (Bioethics), Executive Director of the Tennessee Center for Bioethics & Culture.

Dr. Riley is board certified in internal medicine, she has also done basic science research in the field of biochemistry. Her areas of interest include the international stem cell research and cloning debate, genetics issues, the transhumanist movement, and medical ethics, including transplantation ethics and end-of-life issues.

Dr. Riley has presented invited bioethics lectures at Vanderbilt University; Drexel University; St. Francis Hospital System (Memphis, TN); the Belarussian State Medical University, Minsk, Belarus; Mogilev, Belarus; and in Riga, Latvia; as well as community lectures in Alabama, Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Tennessee.

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Tom McClusky: What to Expect in the November Election

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