[fancy_header1]October 25, 2012[/fancy_header1]

Join us on Thursday, October 25, 2012 to hear from Tom McClusky, Senior Vice President of FRCAction. He will share his insights on the November election and what you need to know about what is being reported (or not reported) in the press.

For the last three years Mr. McClusky has been named by The Hill newspaper as one of the leading grassroots lobbyist in Washington, D.C. Recently he was also named one of the “Worst People in the World” by commentator Keith Olbermann.

Mr. McClusky is a frequent guest on television news shows and represents FRCAction before Congress on a variety of issues such as life and human dignity, sanctity of marriage, tax reform, gambling, education policy, and faith-based initiatives.

Read Tom McClusky’s blog: The Cloakroom

[fancy_header1]September 27, 2012[/fancy_header1]

Chuck Bates: The True State of The Economy

Join us on September 27 to hear from Chuck Bates, VP and News Director for IRNUSA Radio News and conservative radio talk show host.

Mr. Bates, an economist and conservative talk radio host, will talk about the future of the U.S. economy. He will reveal where America went wrong, how the media spins the economic data, and how to deal with the dangers ahead. He is a former assistant in the White House Office of Political Affairs, and co-author of the book A Nation in Crisis–The Meltdown of Money, Government and Religion: How to Prepare for the Coming Collapse

[fancy_header1]August 30, 2012[/fancy_header1]

Bryan Beauman: Obamacare and the Future of Religious Liberty

The US Supreme Court’s has ruled on Obamacare, and Bryan Beauman, conservative commentator and Senior Counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund, will talk to us about what it will mean for Tennesseans: individuals, churches, religious schools, ministries, and Christian-owned businesses. He will also explore what is being done to stop this unprecedented threat to religious liberty.

Mr. Beauman litigates religious liberty cases across the country. At a recent Stand Up For Religious Freedom rally in Lexington, KY, Mr. Beauman called the Obamacare plan the “greatest attack on religious freedom” in America’s history with mandates that force employers to “participate in this culture of death.” He went on to say, “This administration seeks to promote the destruction of life, the compromise of conscience and the erosion of religious freedom.”

Read about Mr. Beauman’s work for ADF.

Read his Townhall commentaries.

About Bryan Beauman

Bryan Beauman serves as senior counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom. Based in Paris, Kentucky, he focuses on coordinating allied attorney efforts throughout Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, and West Virginia to defend and preserve religious liberty, life, marriage, and the family. Beauman earned his J.D. at the University of Kentucky College of Law in 1997 and is a member of the bar of the U.S. Supreme Court, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit, the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and the U.S. District Courts for the Eastern and Western Districts of Kentucky. He is also a member of the Kentucky Bar Association, the Bourbon County Bar Association, and the Federal Bar Association, previously serving as president of its Kentucky Chapter.

[fancy_header1]July 26, 2012[/fancy_header1]

J.C. Bowman – The Politics of Education Reform in Tennessee

July FACT Forum with J.C. Bowman Event Recording:


Join us on July 26, 2012, to hear from J.C. Bowman, Executive Director of the Professional Educators of Tennessee. Dr. Bowman is a strong conservative and expert on education and education reform. In 2011 he and his organization worked with Tennessee legislators to pass the law that broke the stranglehold that the Tennessee Education Association had over education through its collective bargaining powers.

Dr. Bowman’s experience in education reform based on conservative principles is unparalleled. He directed the education reforms implemented under Florida Governor, Jeb Bush, serving as Director of the Florida Department of Education Choice Office. He also served as the Chief Policy Analyst for the Education Policy Unit within Governor Bush’s Department of Education. Prior to that Dr. Bowman was Director of Research for the Texas Public Policy Foundation, and in the early 1990’s he served as Director of Education Policy for the former Tennessee Institute for Public Policy.

His expertise has led him to co-found Education Public Policy & Consulting (EPPC) Global Management and served as its first Executive Director.

A former public school teacher, Dr. Bowman is a popular speaker, appearing on numerous radio and television shows. His management experience has allowed him to gain valuable hands-on insight into large and small organization governance in addition to working with non-governmental organizations committed to improving their communities.

Dr. Bowman is committed to improving communities by focusing on education policies rather than politics.

[fancy_header1]June 28, 2012[/fancy_header1]

Tennessee Secretary of State Tre Hargett

In June, join us as we hear from Tennessee Secretary of State Tre Hargett.

Secretary Hargett will share his unique perspective as someone who has been both inside and outside of state government. He has seen how government works (and doesn’t work) from the inside, both as a legislative leader and as a Constitutional officer.

He will give us an insider’s look at some of the incredible challenges he has encountered in state government and how he and his staff are attacking the problems with workable, conservative solutions.

Mr. Hargett was elected by the Tennessee General Assembly to serve as Tennessee’s 37th Secretary of State in 2009. He is the chief executive officer of the Department of State with oversight of nearly 400 employees. A Tennessee native, he also represented Bartlett, in Shelby County, for 10 years in the Tennessee House of Representatives.

[fancy_header1]May 31, 2012[/fancy_header1]

Salt and Light in Tennessee With Nate Kellum

In May, we will hear from Nate Kellum who serves as Chief Counsel with the Center for Inalienable Rights in Memphis. His experience in defending the free speech rights of Christians will allow him to share the stories behind the attacks on religious freedom in our state and what is being done to ensure that Tennesseans can express their faith without fear.

Mr. Kellum has been admitted to the bar in Tennessee, Mississippi, and numerous federal appellate courts. He has practiced law since 1988 and earned his J.D. from the University of Mississippi.

Read about Nate Kellum’s recent successful defense of a Christian’s right to share his faith at Tennessee Tech.

Read about Mr. Kellum’s work on a lawsuit in defense of a man threatened with arrest for handing out tracts at a Buffalo New York public event. Watch a video excerpt of the confrontation.

[fancy_header1]April 26, 2012[/fancy_header1]

A Capitol Insider Report on the Tennessee Legislature with David Fowler

The FACT Forum briefing series continues as FACT President David Fowler presents a “Capitol Insider Report on the Tennessee Legislature”.

David Fowler is the President of the Family Action Council of Tennessee. He served three terms in the Tennessee State Senate and has been working to defend family values and support pro-family legislation in Tennessee for the last six years.

Mr. Fowler is on the Hill every week during the legislative session supporting and advising legislators as they work to pass good legislation. He will share the “insider” perspective on what is really going on in the Legislature, the perspective you will not hear in the news.