National PTA Turns to the ‘Left’ on the Way to Memphis

The national PTA has told a national organization that seeks to support and befriend ex-gays who are often ridiculed and harassed by proponents of the homosexual agenda that their organization’s values are not welcome at their upcoming convention. Perhaps it’s time to start a new parent-teacher association that respects the traditional family and the rights of those who do not want to see heterosexuality denigrated to just another form of sexual expression.

Today Memphis serves as host to the national Parent Teacher Association convention. I remember the PTA of my childhood, but an outrageous decision by the national Association has made it clear that it’s not the PTA most of us remember. It’s clear that the PTA took a sharp turn to the left on its way to the convention in Memphis.

The Parent Teacher Association was formed in 1897 by two women in Washington, D.C., who were concerned about the education children were receiving. It was originally known as the National Congress of Mothers. But over the years, as with so many other education-associated organizations, it has taken a hard turn to the left. And its recent treatment of another national organization, Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays (PFOX), has made it clear that the PTA is interested in “teaching” a view of the family and human sexuality that is destructive to the traditional family.

According to its website, PFOX “supports families, advocates for the ex-gay community, and educates the public on sexual orientation.” It “promotes an inclusive environment for the ex-gay community, and works to eliminate negative perceptions and discrimination against former homosexuals. PFOX conducts public education and outreach to further individual self-determination and respect for all Americans, regardless of their sexual orientation.” And it invites others to “join” in “our journey for truth, tolerance, and understanding.”

Not ‘Inclusive’ Enough?

Sounds like PFOX respects other views of human sexuality but encourages those others to be “inclusive” in their understanding of the challenges faced by those who desire to leave or have left the homosexual lifestyle. But PFOX is not “inclusive” according to the national PTA.

PFOX recently applied to be one of the many exhibitors at the PTA’s national convention that begins in Memphis this week. But in the letter denying the request, the national PTA said PFOX’s “mission, goals and objectives are not in harmony with the National PTA’s Diversity and Inclusion Policy.” The letter also said PFOX’s mission does “not align with our Association’s core values and beliefs.”

In other words, the national PTA doesn’t have as a value supporting people who have left the homosexual lifestyle and who, for having done so, can be vilified, harassed, and ridiculed. The national PTA doesn’t believe such people deserve support for their “self-determination.” Only those who “self-determine” in favor of homosexuality deserve to be supported and treated with respect for their acts of self-determination.

What PTA Really Means by ‘Inclusive’

Obviously what PFOX “teaches” is not what the national PTA wants students to be taught. Only approval of homosexuality is okay to be taught. And lest you think a wrong conclusion has been reached, then consider that the national PTA did permit Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays to be an exhibitor. The national PTA is not neutral; it is only a “friend” to certain kinds of organizations who seek to befriend people who engage in homosexual behavior.

Several years ago, when the National Education Association embraced a radically liberal, anti-family agenda, many teachers disagreed with that agenda. It eventually reached the point that many conservative educators did not want to be perceived as being in accord with the view of their national organization or even the state version of that organization. So they started an alternative professional teachers organization.

No Comment from Tennessee’s PTA

Likewise, there are many good people involved in the PTA in Tennessee and many who would strongly object to the national PTA’s actions and its current “core values and beliefs.” But when the state PTA organization in response to our request for a comment simply said we have “no official comment because we are not a part of that process,” it sure leaves parents in Tennessee wondering where their state organization stands on whether it shares for our schools those same values. Their unwillingness even to say they don’t share that same philosophy or don’t concur in the decision, coupled with the fact that they are a part of the national PTA, at the very least fosters a perception that they support the national PTA in matters such as this.

Like teachers, perhaps it’s time that parents in Tennessee leave behind fond memories of a PTA from years gone by and form a new competing parent teacher organization that actually supports parents who believe in the traditional family. It’s time for those who don’t support such things to stop supporting such things.