My Mother’s Day Tribute

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a day set aside to honor and give recognition to those whose very bodies provided all of us our very first home.   Being a mother is worthy of being highly valued and esteemed in society. Being a mother is more than having a baby. Done well, being a mother is the hardest job a woman could have. And the work is critically important because how well the job is done has lifelong consequences, even eternal ones, for her child and for those who will be touched by her child’s life. To aspire to be a mother is an honorable and noble thing.

My personal tribute

My mother had a beautiful singing voice. She studied voice with a woman who was, at one time, the leading contralto in the Metropolitan Opera in New York. She told my mother that she “had it,” and could “get her in the door at the Met,” and that once there, she could go places. But she declined.

You see, she had a son. She and my dad had not thought they could conceive, but having done so, it was more important to her that she raise the son she’d been given than to sing to the world. So she gave herself to my dad and to me and gladly sang smaller roles with the local symphony, opera, and theatre troupe. She sang for churches, civic groups, weddings, and funerals. She did so because she knew that her investment in my life would live on long after the self-gratification of applauding audiences had ceased.

But her life of “lesser things” was not without great effect. When the Lord called her home for his celestial choir at the early age of 61, well over five hundred people attended her funeral. And in the days that followed the hundreds of notes I received from people I did not even know whose life she had touched let me know that on the grandest stage of all, there was thunderous applause in Heaven for a life well-lived.


So to all the mothers out there this weekend, I honor you. Even though you may not hear this very often in the media or feel like our culture appreciates you, may all of you find an unwavering inner assurance that motherhood is one of the most noble and honorable endeavors in which you could engage. Happy Mother’s Day