Memphis Gay Rights Bill Withdrawn

Yesterday morning something took place in Memphis you won’t read about in your local paper. And it is something that may not have happened in any major American city. And The Family Action Council was there playing a leading role.

In case you missed it, several weeks ago Memphis City Councilwoman Janis Fullilove filed two measures with the Memphis City Council that, if enacted, would have established sexual orientation (homosexuality) and gender identity (transgenderism and cross-dressing) as new civil rights. One would have applied to Memphis City employees and the other to private sectors organizations, including churches and para-church organizations.

Here’s the story you won’t read: Yesterday, at the Personnel, Intergovernmental and Annexation Committee of the Memphis City Council, Councilwoman Fullilove withdrew both measures.

A representative for the Tennessee Equality Project, the statewide organization promoting the LGBT political agenda, spoke to the committee and later that day to the full City Council about why the measures had been withdrawn. Essentially they chastised the Council, claiming they “could not get a fair hearing.” This, it was said, was evidence that the City Council was itself discriminatory. They even pointed out one of the more liberal council members who, on this issue, was with us and called out the Mayor, saying that “the Tennessee Equality Project would not support Wharton” because he “broke campaign pledges to help gay, lesbian and transgender citizens.” This comment drew a sharp, public rebuke from the Mayor.

But the story would not be complete without pointing out that at the first hearing two weeks ago, supporters of God’s design for human sexuality filled the hearing room along with eight prominent Memphis ministers. At yesterday’s hearing there were at least 12 ministers present, along with a room full of supporters for our side of the issue.

But make no mistake: This issue will come back again. Supports of the measures said so. Lord willing, we will be there on your behalf.

There is no reason that Memphis cannot be a model for every city in America for what can be done if we will all work together. I hope you will continue to help us move toward establishing a greater presence in Memphis … and expanding that type of presence to many other cities in Tennessee. If you can do so financially, now is a great time to make a gift because of a generous matching grant that will double the value of your partnership with us.