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Sample Issues

5M4F-newsletter-022616Donald Trump, Conservatives, and the Obama Effect

Many in the Republican Party leadership are trying to understand the phenomenon of Donald Trump. And the question on the minds of many of them is what is his appeal to conservatives, particularly the social conservative, religious-right Republicans? I admit that I have no scientific polls and no Trump-voter psychological profiles upon which to base my thoughts, but here are five things I’ve observed. Read More in the February 26th issue of Five Minutes for Families . . .

How the Presidency Is Like the Electoral College

Last week I wrote about the Electoral College and how it serves as sort of a mediating body in the selection of the President. It serves to mediate between the will of the people as a governing body, based on majority rules, and the will of the states as governing bodies, based on the principle of federalism. But I got to thinking that the presidency operates as sort of an electoral college for deciding who the real rulers of America are. Read More in the February 19th issue of Five Minutes for Families . . .

Do Tennessee Republicans Need Rescuing From Themselves?

I’ve always sensed that Republicans, as a whole, were good at getting manipulated, out-foxed, or hoodwinked by Democrats, and a bill coming up in a state Senate committee for vote next week seems to fit that pattern. If citizens aren’t awake, they may also be taken in to the detriment of us all. Read More in the February 12th issue of Five Minutes for Families . . .

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