The Leaders of Faith video series from October 15, 2015, featuring FACT President David Fowler is a great way to understand the constitutional and theological issues of the Obergefell v. Hodges Supreme Court case that legalized same-sex “marriage.”

On this page, you can watch each of the 15 video segments from the “Leaders of Faith, Strengthen What Remains” event.  Click on the individual segment link to watch the video directly on YouTube:

Segment 1 – God Is Doing Something New
Segment 2 – Who Has Authority?
Segment 3 – Obeying the Governing Authorities
Segment 4 – What Should Disciples of Jesus Do?
Segment 5 – Why Authority Issues Must Be Resolved
Segment 6 – Keys to Moving Forward
Segment 7 – Tennessee Is Better Off Than Most States
Segment 8 – What Did Obergefell Do?
Segment 9 – The Three Legislative Objectives
Segment 10 – Why It Isn’t ‘Over’ in the Supreme Court
Segment 11 – Responding to Naysayers
Segment 12 – What Are the Practical Negative Results of Obergefell?
Segment 13 – What Tennessee Laws Are Left After Obergefell?
Segment 14 – Elision: Is Every Marriage Law Now Unconstitutional?
Segment 15 – What Can a Court Really Constitutionally Do?

Or you can click on the individual video you want to watch in the smaller thumbnails below.

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