1. Pray for citizens and legislators to understand not only the issues raised in Obergefell v. Hodges, but the gravity of them. Pray for wisdom and courage for our legislators who must address the issues.
  2. “Like” the Reclaiming Our Liberty Facebook page and share each day’s post with the friends on your Facebook page. Why does liking the Facebook page matter? When legislation is presented in January to address the issue of Obergefell, it will be important that we be able to point our legislators to the Facebook page to show them that there is broad concern in our state over this issue. If legislators don’t see our concern, then they won’t be concerned either. Also, each day’s post will give you a better understanding of what is at stake with Obergefell, and as you share the posts on your Facebook page, you will help educate your friends. Educating large numbers of Tennesseans is going to be critical if legislators are going to get the support and encouragement they will need. They will certainly face a lot of opposition for gay rights activists!
  3. Contact your County Commissioner and urge him or her to present to the Commission a resolution in December or January urging the state legislature to take actions that will allow the Obergefell ruling to be challenged and, hopefully, reversed. Before you make that call, you might want to consider whether your call would be more “persuasive” if you first contacted some friends to ask them to make similar calls to the Commissioner or maybe ask if your Commissioner would meet with a group of you. There is strength in numbers, but don’t let coordinating with others stop you from making the call yourself—sometimes great movements start because of a majority of one passionate person! For more on contacting your County Commissioner about a resolution, see the FAQs.
  4. Contact your local political party organization or leadership. If you have a local political party organization and know someone involved in its leadership, contact that person to ask if the local party will pass a resolution urging the state legislature and Congress to take actions that will allow the Obergefell ruling to be challenged. If a local official does file a resolution, let your friends know about the upcoming vote and urge them to call their local officials or send emails. Urge them to attend the meeting at which the resolution will be voted on. Then let us know by email to reclaimliberty@factn.org and we can help get the word out.
  5. Contact your state Senator and Representative to urge them to (a) take actions that will allow the Obergefell ruling to be challenged and, hopefully, reversed and (b) pass a resolution telling Congress to take actions to challenge Obergefell. You can locate your state legislators and their contact information at this link. What should you say to your state Senator or Representative? When you call, you will most likely speak with an administrative assistant. Just say something like this, in your own words: “I am [your name] and a resident of the Senator/Representative’s district. I understand that legislation may be coming up during the legislative session that might allow the Supreme Court’s decision on same-sex “marriage” to be challenged, and I hope [name of your Senator or Representative] will support it.”