Lawsuit Against HB 600 Dismissed!

Yesterday Chancellor McCoy in Nashville dismissed a lawsuit brought last year over the constitutionality of House Bill 600.

You may recall that last year a lawsuit was brought against the state by several LGBT-related organizations and individuals, asking the court to strike down as unconstitutional House Bill 600 that had become state law. That bill prohibited cities and counties from imposing on private businesses employment policies that extended rights to classes of individuals not protected under state law. It was called the Equal Access to Intrastate Commerce Act. The plaintiffs argued that not being able to get cities and counties to pass local laws making sexual orientation and gender identity a new protected class of citizens violated their constitutional rights.

Yesterday, Chancellor McCoy heard oral arguments on whether the plaintiffs’ claims should be dismissed. The Chancellor found that the Plaintiffs all lacked standing and that their claims were not ripe. Further, in a previous Order she had indicated that even if the Plaintiffs had standing she did not think the law was unconstitutional.

Once the Order dismissing the lawsuit is entered by the court, the plaintiffs will have 30 days to appeal.