Beyond the 13 survey questions we asked each candidate on our voter guides, each candidate who answered the survey was given the opportunity, if they so chose, to respond to the following five essay questions in 300 words or less. On this page are the specific candidate’s answers. If a candidate answered some, but not all, of the questions, each unanswered question is marked as “No answer was provided.”

Question 1:

Explain your view of state government’s role in relation to economic growth and/or job creation.


First, government doesn’t create jobs! Government should create an atmosphere that is conducive to job growth by encouraging entrepreneurial incentives for businesses that will translate into more jobs and economic prosperity for all—government, employers, and the employees.

Question 2:

What particular regulations of abortion would you support or oppose and why?


I would like to see Roe v. Wade overturned, but I’m afraid that’s a long way off or never. I would support legislation that would require women to receive counseling should they consider having an abortion and be made aware of the various options available to them rather than seeking an abortion. Contemplating abortion is a very emotional experience; therefore, women under stress should have assistance from another rational woman who could point out rational alternatives that would alleviate their problems and save the unborn.

Question 3:

Do you believe parent(s) or government have the primary and ultimate responsibility for the education of children? Please provide at least one example that you believe demonstrates what you mean.


During the formative years of a child’s life (infant to pre-Kindergarten), the child’s development should be formed by a loving and caring mother and father. This prepares the child to enter another chapter in his or her life when learning to get involved with other children. Here’s where the government (school) comes into play, by teaching the child to play by the rules and to learn to get along with others. Parents have their role in the educational development of the child, and teachers and other adult educators have their role, too.

Question 4:

What is one of the most satisfying things you have ever accomplished and what made it so satisfying to you?


I think having served my country for 24 years in the United States Navy was the most satisfying accomplishment. Whenever a man or woman devotes the greater part of their life in defense of their countrymen and nation while enduring many sacrifices, it gives you pride that you are an individual who did your small part for freedom.

Question 5:

What personal qualities or experiences do you think will define the nature of your service, if elected, and why do you think they are important?


Having served my country, I will be bringing Honor, Integrity, and Leadership back to the Senate. I have learned the meaning of commitment to whatever challenges lie ahead and have developed over time to muster up the courage to see these challenges through until completion.