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What you believe determines what you do

320702_6594The actions of individuals determine the state of our culture as a whole. FACT is committed to helping Tennesseans develop a strong, biblical worldview that can be applied in the real world.

Too often even devoted, born-again, church-attenders have a worldview in which they think biblically on religious topics, but they think in worldly terms when it comes to other topics such as ethics, evolution, history, politics, finances, work, marriage, parenting, entertainment, etc. This is called “dualism,” and it is the thinking that has allowed faith to be marginalized in our culture.

A Christian worldview will allow Christians to engage culture at all levels and bring the light of truth to the public square.

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The Truth Project

As part of this effort, FACT worked with Focus on the Family to present The Truth Project™ training. The Truth Project™ is a powerful, DVD-based, small-group educational experience on developing a biblical worldview.

The Stand for Truth Seminar

We also developed the Stand for Truth Seminar to help you to apply the Christian worldview in the community where you live and work here in Tennessee.