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Supporting Healthy, Biblical Marriages

Except for the nano-second of history represented by the last twenty years or so, marriage has always been viewed as a relationship between a man and a woman.

Rather than marriage being purely a social construct to be scrapped as society changes, marriage is the name that has been given to a life-long, sexually exclusive relationship between one man and one woman.

At FACT, we strongly support one-man, one-woman marriage and believe that same-sex “marriage” is out of line with a biblical viewpoint. Since the Supreme Court ruled same-sex “marriage” was legal through the Obergefell decision June 2015, FACT has been challenging that ruling. Find out more what we are doing at our Reclaiming Our Liberty section.

Civil Unions/Partnerships

Civil Unions are often advanced as a means of providing legal equality for homosexual relationships without having to redefine marriage itself.  But it is clear that the debate is really over homosexual marriage, civil unions and domestic partnerships being merely a stepping-stone on the way to homosexual marriage.

Talking Points On Civil Unions


America began a social experiment decades ago with no-fault divorce, removing the historical requirement that there be grounds for divorce. This was a major shift in the understanding of marriage and the relationship between marriage and reproduction.

Consequently this shift paved the way for declining marriage rates, increased co-habitation, and demands for homosexual marriage. Research is now very clear that, in general, divorce (particularly in the absence of abuse) has tremendous negative effects on women and children.

And there is a tremendous cost to taxpayers from family fragmentation, over $700 million in Tennessee tax dollars annually.

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Homosexual Marriage

Support for same-sex “marriage” reflects not only a misunderstanding of what marriage is, but a lack of appreciation for the impact the redefinition of marriage will have on society and the reasons that governments provide benefits and impose duties upon marriage.

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