Find Voter Guides for Tennessee Legislature Candidates (Coming soon)

Find Tennessee Legislature Candidate Websites (Coming soon)

Due to redistricting, you may not be living in the same district you lived in during the 2012 election. There are a three ways you can find your Tennessee Senate and House districts for the 2014 election.

Contact your county election commission

The best way to be certain of finding the district you will be voting in for the 2014 elections is to find the contact information for your county election commission and contact them.

Look up your name in the Tennessee Department of State database of registered voters

If your name does not appear in this database, you may not be registered to vote. Contact your county election commission to verify if you are registered to vote, or learn how you can register to vote in Tennessee.

Find where you live on the new state district maps
    1. Zoom in on the area where you live.
    2. Click the map and your district number will be displayed. You will need to do this on both the “State Districts” map and the “House Districts” map.