Beyond the 13 survey questions we asked each candidate on our voter guides, each candidate who answered the survey was given the opportunity, if they so chose, to respond to the following five essay questions in 300 words or less. On this page are the specific candidate’s answers. If a candidate answered some, but not all, of the questions, each unanswered question is marked as “No answer was provided.”

Question 1:

Explain your view of state government’s role in relation to economic growth and/or job creation.


I think local 1/3, state 1/3, and federal 1/3.

Question 2:

What particular regulations of abortion would you support or oppose and why?


I would only support abortion if it is in the interest of life or death to mother or child period!

Question 3:

Do you believe parent(s) or government have the primary and ultimate responsibility for the education of children? Please provide at least one example that you believe demonstrates what you mean.


K-12 should be public education! Higher education should be the parent! An educator by profession for 42 years.

Question 4:

What is one of the most satisfying things you have ever accomplished and what made it so satisfying to you?


Finishing my five degrees and having three professional children.

Question 5:

What personal qualities or experiences do you think will define the nature of your service, if elected, and why do you think they are important?


I’ve been active in the community all of my life!