FACT Report: September 23, 2015

Higher or Lower Education at UT (September 23, 2015)

Recently, the University of Tennessee urged its students and faculty to consider going “gender-neutral” in their terminology, using words like “ze” in place of “he” and “she.” However, when you live in your own make-believe universe, you have to make up the whole thing; you have to finish what you start.

So, if UT is going to be consistent in the make-believe world in which gender is not the binary man-woman distinction we all know exists, then in addition to made-up words like “ze,” it needs to make up words like “mather,” “niephew,” and “auncle” to replace the binary concepts of mother-father, niece-nephew, and aunt-uncle. That UT didn’t do so shows that it really knows that we’ve been created male and female.

Then again, maybe the word “higher,” as in “higher education,” really just means “lower.”

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