FACT Report: September 10, 2014

Do Christians Really Want Revival? (September 10, 2014)

John the Baptist told the scribes and Pharisees who came to watch him baptize those who were repenting to “bring forth fruit worthy of repentance.”

True repentance always produces the fruit of righteousness. And righteousness presumes a measurable standard. But a recent Barna study shows only 10% of American pastors are preaching what the Bible has to say about the issues facing America, even though 90% of them of them acknowledge that the Bible addresses those issues. 

The problems is this: If Christians don’t know how their views on the issues and their responses to them are wrong, then they can’t “turn from their wicked ways” to produce “fruit” worthy of repentance.

If pastors aren’t willing to instruct about our sinful ways or we’re not willing to be instructed, then maybe we really don’t want revival after all.

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