FACT Report: September 10, 2013

God Crazy Men Wanted (September 10, 2013)

Recently when Chattanooga’s City Council said it would consider providing benefits to its employees in same sex relationships, a local evangelist showed up to remind members of what God’s Word says about homosexuality.  They cut him off after he persisted in referring to same-sex relationships as “wicked.”   He was being “disrespectful” to supportive council members.

Sadly today, even many within the church are made uncomfortable by those who take Jesus and what the Bible says too seriously.  To them such people are a bit fanatical, crazy.

But they would do well to remember that the apostle Paul, in speaking before Agrippa and Festus, was accused of “being mad.”

Perhaps God is still looking for a few good “crazy men” to speak to those in power.  If He finds them, then maybe revival will tarry no longer.

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