FACT Report: October 8, 2014

Vanderbilt’s Inclusivity Exposed (October 8, 2014)

In 2012, Vanderbilt University pushed to bar all discrimination on campus, even if it meant kicking out campus Christian student clubs that didn’t allow its student leaders to engage in homosexual behavior.

When those clubs pointed out that the University allowed fraternities and sororities to continue discriminating on the basis of sex and gender, contrary to the University’s non-discrimination policy, the University said it was operating consistent with federal law. But federal law did not require Vanderbilt to keep the sexes separate.

Now other private universities are requiring fraternal organizations to go coed. So, Vanderbilt must now follow suit or it will look like its real objective was not prohibiting discrimination but actually discriminating against conservative Christian clubs.

But if it does, the fraternal organizations who ignored the plight of the Christian clubs may find there’s no one to defend them.

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