FACT Report: October 7, 2015

Squeezing Conservatives Out of the Republican Party (October 7, 2015)

Recently the Tennessee Education Association sent a letter to some of Tennessee’s Republican legislators touting how it had encouraged its members to vote in Tennessee’s open Republican primaries, noting that member turnout in “key races” had “increased by more than 300%.”

No doubt the TEA wants its members voting in Republican primaries, because there are so few Democrats even left in the legislature to vote for. But Republicans need to remember that the TEA is an affiliate of the National Education Association that routinely pushes for very liberal social policies.

So, rather than seeing this as a welcome sign, the Tennessee Republican Party better realize that leaving the primaries open is an invitation for liberals to take over the Party. And if the Party won’t close the primaries, then conservatives may find themselves without influence in either party.

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