FACT Report: October 31, 2012

Marriage on the Ballot in 4 States (October 31, 2012)

As the news media continues to trumpet the latest polling data about the presidential race, it’s easy for Christians to forget that 4 or our sister states – Washington, Maryland, Maine and Minnesota – are fighting over ballot measures that will either protect God’s definition of marriage or redefine it.

According to news reports, the outcome in each of the races is too close to call.

Even though every state that has voted on a ballot measure protecting marriage has approved it, even one defeat on november 6 will be trumpeted by homosexual activists as evidence that americans views of on marriage have changed.

So as we pray for our country during this election season, let us remember to pray for our fellow citizens in these states who are working every bit as hard as the political candidates for something every bit as important.

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