FACT Report: October 3, 2012

Which Worldview Will Lead America? (October 3, 2012)

This is the most important election of our lifetime!

You hear that a lot these days, and maybe it’s true, but something deeper than a simple political contest seems to be going on in America right now.  It is a clash of worldviews.

C.S. Lewis said there are really only two worldviews. The “materialistic view” which says that the world just happened and exists no real reason, and the “religious” view, which acknowledges a transcendent Creator.

Each of these worldviews produces a very different set of solutions to the issues that America faces.

As you watch the Presidential debates in the coming weeks, listen for clues to the worldview behind the policies being proposed. And as you listen, ask yourself: Which worldview will be the one that takes America into the future?

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Presidential Debate Schedule

Wednesday, October 3 – First Presidential Debate

Thursday, October 11 – Vice Presidential Debate

Tuesday, October 16 – Second Presidential Debate (Town Hall)

Monday, October 22 – Third Presidential Debate