FACT Report: October 29, 2014

Setting the Record Straight (October 29, 2014)

The ‘No on 1’ campaign is trying to deceive Tennesseans about Tennessee’s abortion laws.  So let’s set the record straight. 

First, the ad by a law professor who is board chair of a Planned Parenthood office says that Amendment 1 will “force governmental interference into private medical decisions.” The plain language of the Amendment shows that’s not true.

Second, Planned Parenthood got the state Supreme Court to strike down our abortion-specific informed consent law because it required the doctor to personally inform” the woman about the procedure. But if you were going to have an irreversible, life-changing surgery, wouldn’t you want to speak with the doctor? 

Lastly, laws regulating physician operated abortion clinics have been declared unconstitutional, so they are not licensed and inspected like other outpatient surgery centers. 

These are the facts. Please vote yes on Amendment 1.

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