FACT Report: October 28, 2015

Is Paul Ryan the Best Choice for Speaker? (October 28, 2015)

Congressman Paul Ryan recently said he would serve as Speaker of the U.S. House if it would delete the rule that allows one member to make a motion to oust the Speaker. In other words, party unity may be more important to him than being fully accountable to the members who delegate authority to him as Speaker.

Those who don’t understand authority often unwittingly set themselves up for a loss of freedom by not providing sufficient checks [and balances] on those to whom they delegate authority, and the House’s so-called Freedom Caucus may be doing just that.

Congress’ problem isn’t a lack of unity as much as it is the fact that members have allowed themselves to be placed under leaders who become tyrants.

Reducing accountability may be a good way of winding up back where we started –under a tyrannical Speaker.

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