FACT Report: October 22, 2014

Amendment 1 Misinformation (October 22, 2014)

If you’ve seen any of the commercials against Amendment 1 and if you actually know what the amendment says, you’d have to wonder if the truth really matters.  

In a generally pro-life state, Planned Parenthood doesn’t want to tell the truth – that it supports abortion on demand and makes lots of money off of abortions.  

So, to rile up a jaded public that distrusts government, a law professor says that Amendment 1 would “force governmental interference into private medical decisions.” But what that lawyer, chair of Planned Parenthood’s board in Middle TN, didn’t say is the language of the Amendment actually says the “people retain the right” to decide what policies we should have on abortion. 

Laws ensuring that women have the truth and that all abortion clinics are regulated isn’t a truth Planned Parenthood wants people to know.

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