FACT Report: October 15, 2014

Stewarding Your Vote (October 15, 2014)

Have you ever thought of voting as an act of stewardship? In Romans 13 the Apostle Paul tells us that authority comes from God.  If God is the Creator, then authority must come from him. Not surprisingly Paul also refers to those who hold God’s authority in the civil realm his “ministers.”

But in our form of government it is not just elected officials who are vested with an authority that comes from God. Voters hold the “power of the ballot box,” an expression that gives recognition to the fact that we, too, are exercising authority and power when we vote.

Therefore, as with all the other things we receive from God, we are called to steward our vote according to His precepts and principles. And so, with early voting now going on, make sure you steward your vote well.

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