FACT Report: October 1, 2014

Will Churches Use Their Influence? (October 1, 2014)

A recent Pew Research Center poll shows nearly three-quarters of the public thinks religion is losing influence in American life.

Unfortunately the percentage of Americans who want churches and other houses of worship to express their views on social and political issues is only 49%.

But let’s hope the church’s influence isn’t waning in Tennessee and that pastors here will speak up in the coming weeks. That’s because Tennesseans will be voting on an amendment to its state constitution that would allow the state to once again have an abortion specific informed consent law after our state Supreme Court said our law was unconstitutional.

Without support from informed Christians, the amendment will fail and our state’s laws will continue not to protect women and the unborn. Now is the time for pastor to be an influence for life.

Learn more about Amendment 1

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