FACT Report: November 6, 2013

Tennessee to be Epicenter of Abortion Issue (November 6, 2013)

Tennessee will soon become the epicenter of the abortion debate in America.  Next November, Tennesseans will go to the polls to vote on Amendment 1 to the Tennessee Constitution that would reverse the state Supreme Court’s ruling that abortion is a state constitutional right.

Passage of the amendment would once again allow Tennesseans to have common sense regulations regarding abortion, like informed consent and waiting period laws.

But don’t think this is an issue just between us Tennesseans; pro-abortion advocates don’t like to loose anywhere.  And judging by the fact that simply a recent pro-life campaign kick-off event attracted national media attention, you better believe national pro-abortion organizations will pour money into our state.

Get ready, Tennessee.  The “Vote Yes on One” campaign will put the national spotlight regarding abortion on our state.

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