FACT Report: November 5, 2014

Amendment 1 Wins (November 5, 2014)

Tuesday Tennesseans took a major step toward restoring a culture of life in their state by approving Amendment 1.

With its passage, the people reclaimed the power the state Supreme Court had taken from them to pass the kind of common-sense abortion regulations that other states have had.

The amendment itself was 13 years in the making, having first been filed with the legislature in January 2001. And its passage was opposed by millions of dollars provided by ACLU and Planned Parenthood offices from across the country.

But, as with David’s victory over Goliath, God took the effort of hundreds of everyday citizens and pastors across the state and from a variety of denominations to proclaim the truth about the amendment. And in the end, Truth won out and a great victory for Life was won.

Thanks to all those who voted “yes” on Amendment 1.

Read David’s press statement about the Amendment 1 victory.

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