FACT Report: November 25, 2015

Is Resisting Refugees Enough? (November 25, 2015)

As Congress and state governors resist the influx of Syrian refugees for fear that some may be Islamic terrorists from whom we need to protect ourselves, we might do well to consider Nahum’s prophesy of Nineveh’s destruction. Nineveh was a great city, thought to be impregnable because of its great walls.

However, as prophesied, it was destroyed, not because its defensive fortifications were weak, but because of its immorality.

If America is deserving of God’s judgment, and it’s hard to believe we’re not, then our efforts to protect ourselves from terror will not matter if that is God’s means of bringing about our destruction. The only thing that will save us is repenting from our evil ways and a kind of repentance that leads us to resist and replace the immoral laws that have allowed unrighteousness to flourish.

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