FACT Report: November 20, 2013

Unified Forces Rallying Petition Drive in Chattanooga (November 20, 2013)

Chattanooga’s City Council has approved benefits for its employees’ unmarried “significant other,” including same sex partners, and their children, but the battle is not over.

Some city residents, unwilling to back down, hope to nullify the council’s vote by forcing the issue to a referendum for all voters to decide.   Their determined petition effort has united those upset at council’s attempt to redefine marriage in disregard of their moral objections with those who reject the Council’s decision to add non-employees to insurance costs already spiraling out of control, especially since the Council cut insurance benefits promised to retired city workers in 2010.

Organizers just have 14 days to secure the signatures of almost 5,000 voters, but their fight may just set an example for citizens in other cities to follow in coming days.

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