FACT Report: November 19, 2014

The Power of the People (November 19, 2014)

Recently a federal lawsuit was filed to have the vote on Amendment 1 declared invalid because a provision in the state constitution ties passage of amendments to a minimum number of people who vote in the Governor’s election. The plaintiffs argue this provision means you can’t vote on an amendment if you don’t vote for governor.

But, according to our constitution, the power to alter and reform the constitution remains in the hands of “the people.” It says the “people shall approve” amendments, not just voters in a gubernatorial race. It’s our fundamental right as citizens to vote and not to vote as we see fit.

Why is it that those who support abortion are willing to find words in the constitution that aren’t there, like abortion, but refuse to recognize the words “the people” that are there?

Amendment 1 Lawsuit Explained

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