FACT Report: November 18, 2015

Colleges Reap What They Sow (November 18, 2015)

The recent protests by college students that resulted in university administrators and faculty members quitting are a classic case of reaping what one has sown.

Students have been steeped in relativism. Relativism, by definition, questions anything that purports to be authoritative, and, of course, nothing can be authoritative if there is no source of authority. Consequently, today’s public universities and “elite” private colleges implicitly, if not explicitly, teach students to question all sources of authority.

Thus, university leaders can’t really assert any legitimate authority over their students but can only assert an authority grounded in power and will. But if power is the basis for their authority, then how can they criticize students for asserting their power against them?

College campuses are in chaos, and their leaders don’t even realize that what they’ve been teaching is the reason.

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