FACT Report: November 12, 2014

Three Wins in Three Days (November 12, 2014)

Three big wins in three days.

First, the people approved Amendment 1, effectively allowing our state legislature to re-enact common sense abortion regulations struck down by our state Supreme Court decision 14 years ago.

Second, a state Court of Appeals upheld a law that prohibits local governments from requiring private businesses to give special rights to citizens beyond those protected by state law. For example, the law keeps local governments from making private businesses extend special rights based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Third, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Tennessee’s definition of marriage. It was the first federal Court of Appeals win for marriage after four other circuits said the constitution required “gay marriage.”

With three victories in three days, it was almost as if a Triune God was reminding us that He is still on His throne.

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