FACT Report: May 8, 2013

Please Court-martial the Christian Soldiers (May 8, 2013)

Word got out last week that the military might court-marshal Christian soldiers for sharing their faith. In the face of public outcry, the Pentagon “clarified” its policy: it was okay to share one’s faith, if not done in “unwanted” or “intrusive” ways, whatever that means.

However, the purpose of the policy may not be to actually court-marshal someone but to have the threat of court-marshal hanging over Christians heads so they won’t risk sharing their faith.  It’s a page right out of the IRS’s playbook.  The IRS threatened to revoke churches’ tax exempt status and churches became silent.

But now some pastors are courageously calling the IRS’s bluff, and the IRS has done nothing. Maybe Christians in the military need to do the same thing, and see if their foes retreat too.

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