FACT Report: May 7, 2014

Making Amendment 1 First (May 7, 2014)

Last week a host of dignitaries, including Tennessee’s governor, kicked off a campaign to pass Amendment 2 to Tennessee’s constitution. Amendment 2 would put into the constitution a process for the “election” of judges to Tennessee’s Supreme Court that some think will add some accountability to the current process by which judges are appointed by the governor.  But the more important amendment is Amendment 1, which would restore Tennessee’s constitution to a neutral position on abortion. The amendment is needed because Tennessee’s Supreme Court “found” a right to abortion in the state’s constitution.

If Amendment 2 fails, Tennessee will still have judges, but if Amendment 1 fails, women will be harmed and their unborn children will continue to die in higher numbers.

Let’s hope the elected officials publicly supporting Amendment 2 will eventually do the same with Amendment 1.

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