FACT Report: May 5, 2016

The ACA Should Practice What it Preaches (May 5, 2016)

Tennessee recently passed a commonsense bill to protect the religious liberty rights of counselors.  The bill was portrayed by some as controversial, but in reality, all it did was restore the American Counseling Association’s ethics guidelines to where they had been for decades up until 2014. 

The ACA did not agree with the bill so in response, they are now contemplating a location change for their 2017 conference, already scheduled to be in Nashville. 

It is ironic that the ACA, which requires counselors to bracket or set aside their personal goals in order to serve a client, is not willing to apply to its organization the same rules it requires of it counselors.  And it says that counselors must continue a counseling relationship even if there’s a philosophical disagreement. 

It seems the ACA needs to start practicing what it preaches.

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