FACT Report: May 28, 2014

Would the Supreme Court Call You Irrational? (May 28, 2014)

Amidst all the hoopla about marriage equality and love, we must not forget that what is at stake is a fundamental issue of constitutional interpretation. Unless the Court is willing to depart from precedent, a law regulating marriage should be constitutional so long as a reasonable person could rationally believe that marriage serves a legitimate state purpose.

Could the Supreme Court really say that the state has no interest in reducing unplanned pregnancies and providing children a stable home with a mom and a dad? And could they really think no reasonable person could believe that this interest would be furthered by trying to channel naturally procreative relationship into stable, enduring relationships?

If the Court says “no,” then it will have called the majority of Americans who support marriage irrational and unreasonable. Let’s pray the Court is not that arrogant.

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