FACT Report: May 15, 2013

Theocracy is Okay if it’s from the Left (May 15, 2013)

Twice in the last 30 days over 100 ministers with Clergy for Justice Tennessee have lobbied state politicians to take certain action on legislation, referencing Bible verses and saying that their position was the “moral and faithful thing to do.” They also happen to be theologically liberal.

But imagine what would have happened had a group of conservative ministers done that.  You would have had the major newspapers editorializing about conservative preachers trying to establish a theocracy in Tennessee and the A.C.L.U screaming “Separation of church and state.”

So why do these Bible-quoting ministers get a pass?  Because their theology supports the liberal agenda, particularly the homosexual agenda. It’s nice to know that mainstream media and those who agree with them don’t really mind a theocracy in Tennessee … if it fits their agenda.

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Read more about this issue in David Fowler’s recent commentary, The Growing Threat of a Theocracy in Tennessee Makes Me Want to “Gag.”